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Here are the links to various documents that answer many of the questions relating to club operation, rules and procedures.  This page is currently in flux as more information is added to answer the questions posed by our members.

A few of these documents have a password to protect private information and members can obtain the password from the web master or secretary.

Others which contain no private information are available freely to the public but the author(s) retain complete and total copyrights to their materials.


                                                                                   Bob Morris and Grandson Max, Fall Meet 2012


 Standing Rules - This is a 2 page document that describe the standing rules not covered  by the club By-laws or Safety & Operating Rules.  This is a good starting point to find an answer to basic questions.


These are the current policies that the club operates with.  This will change without notice as the Board of Directors modifies them as needs of the club changes.

Club library - The library reference material in the club house is available to all members under the jurisdiction of the Librarian and contributions or removal of these reference materials shall be coordinated by that person.

Club owned rolling stock - Riding cars available for member use are kept in the Clerici barn (next to the tool shed).  After use, these cars shall be returned to the barn, chained. Cars in the Shattock barn are for Public Train use only.

Dogs - Dogs mush be on a leash at all times.  Owners shall clean up after their dog(s).

Facility use by member sponsored groups - 

1. MEMBER FAMILY EVENTS: The facility is available at all times without charge for members to use with their family and friends. Exclusive use is not allowed, so other members may use the facility at the same time. No specific approval is required, but as a courtesy it is advisable to notify other members via the club web site (, an announcement during the monthly meeting or by a note posted in the club house. Member-organized event dates will be scheduled to avoid regular Golden Gate Live Steamers activities such as Sunday Public Train run times, workdays or meets/Open House days.

2. EVENTS FOR OUTSIDE ORGANIZATIONS: A Golden Gate Live Steamers member who is a member of another organization may request the use of the facility for that organization. The Board of Directors will be notified of each use and the membership will be notified by a notice in the Call Boy.

The member organizing the event will be on site at all times, be responsible for the actions of all of his/her guests and also for the proper use of the club facilities & equipment. Outside organizations shall not use the facility for money making events.

The organizing member will provide all food and drink consumed and remove any excess when completed.   Under no circumstances shall Golden Gate Live Steamers’ supply be used.

Use of the facility by an organization will not preclude the use by other individual members at the same time.

The maximum total number of event participants for that day will not exceed 75.

At the end of the sponsored event, the facility will be thoroughly cleaned after use and all equipment returned to its normal storage location. Garbage shall be removed from the club premises.

Club locomotives and public train rolling stock shall not be used in support of private events.

It is suggested that any sponsored organization make a donation to the club of $2 per adult and $1 per child.

Handcar Usage - The club hand car is for use by club members and/or their guests. It may not be run on the trestle and can only to be used on the short inner loop or on the outer loop. If there are other trains operating on the same loop, you must move over to another loop or park the hand car until another loop is available if both loops are being used. Use of the hand car by any member under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and the hand car may never be pushed or pulled by a locomotive.

Material donations - Donations of publications, tools, materials, equipment, etc. must be coordinated through the respective chairman or club official before being left in the clubhouse or club facility. All donations to the Golden Gate Live Steamers are permanent and without reservations, or claims pertaining to its use or disposition. The club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donation receipts may be obtained from the club secretary for tax purposes.

Member build locomotive/car storage - Members may build storage buildings for locomotives and rolling stock with the prior approval of the Board of Directors and General Membership. The Board of Directors shall approve the location, general type of construction and appearance.   The Buildings Committee Chair shall approve all construction details.  The Track Committee Chair shall approve the track layout.

The Owner(s) shall build and equip the building at their expense.  After completion they shall have use of the buildings rent free for a period of ten (10) years.  During this time they may use the building for themselves or others at their discretion.  During that time they are responsible for maintaining the building in a first class condition.  At the end of the ten (10) years, ownership of the building shall revert to the Golden Gate Live Steamers and the previous Owners shall pay rent as set by the Board of Directors.   The original tenants may remain in the building as long as they continue to pay rent.  If the Owner vacates the building, the allocation of spaces in it shall revert to the Roundhouse Chair.

Minimum age for Public Train - Members 16 years old may drive the public train as long as they are qualified to the same standards as are required of adult engineers and acceptable to the public train manager.  However, any time they are driving the train with members of the public on board they shall be accompanied by a qualified adult engineer sitting on the first passenger seat after the tender.

Overnight stays - There is no night running or overnight stay except at authorized club meets.

Removal of club property - No club equipment or tools shall be removed from the premises without the permission of the responsible committee chairman or a Board of Directors member.

Shop Usage - The use of the shop and tools in the rear of the Shattock Barn is available to all members under the jurisdiction of the Shop Foreman.  The club assumes no responsibility for injuries sustained while using the shop or tools.  After use, the premises shall be cleaned up and tools returned to their proper location.

Smoking - Smoking is allowed in the club facility's parking lot only.


 Locks and Security 

 Officer Elections Procedures 

     Project Development - coming soon


 Signal System Guidelines 

 Locomotive/Car Storage Leasing Procedure - coming soon

 Public Train Operations 


 GGLS Safety Rules 


 Roundhouse Stall Layout

 Roundhouse and Storage Building Lease Rules 

 Roundhouse Leasee List


Roundhouse Waiting List


 Club Bylaws - 2019 updated version

 GGLS Chili Recipe - GGLS Chili recipe from Sheldon Yee

 2020 Special Use Agreement - GGLS special use agreement with East Bay Regional Park District

 Operating Layout and Track Map - current map of the track of the club facility

 Plumbing Map of GGLS - plumbing map & layout of the club facility with instructions

 Wheel Standards Explanation - GGLS wheel standards document

 Wheel Standards Figure W - GGLS wheel standards diagram

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